20 dollar nosebleed
20 dollar nosebleed

20 dollar nosebleed

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Anonymous said:You think so? Snapchat me then saying hello then! And it really does feel good. It only took me like two years, smh. -Sincerely Boys and Girls

Sure. I don’t see why not.

Anonymous said:I finally added you on snapchat and IG. I got over my fears :) -Sincerely Girls and Boys

I think I know which one you are. Doesn’t it feel good to get it off your chest? Xo


Official first single off “teen witch”
Out of love ft. Fake uzumi:



Happy 4th birthday 20nb

I want to say thank you to everyone who ever supported, spread word, been featured or even visited my blog. 4 years ago today, I made the blog just cause I was bored and wanted a place to put photos of me and my friends since I don’t have a lot of photos or memories from childhood. I never wanted to forget one of the most important times of life which is youth. I shared my progression thru the years and y’all rocked with me thru the good times like the publicity and parties, rocked with me thru the bad like the heartbreaks and the awkwardness. I never wanted my blog to just be a look at me doing stuff and being great, if I was gonna open my life and share it. I’m sharing it all. Glamorous and train wrecks. I never thought my blog would have been an accomplishment to me like it is, I never thought I would inspire people like I hear everyday, I always had a lot to say and never had a big voice to say it. But 20dollarnosebleed was and is my message to the youth. You don’t have to be a college graduate or person of money to have success and happiness. If a high school druggie dropout like me can receive love, chances and oppurtunites than anyone can. I hope that my blog continues to grow and inspire people to go out and do their thing. To another four years..
I thank you guys seriously and appreciate everything.
Lets continue to rock.

Wicked dreaming

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