20 dollar nosebleed
20 dollar nosebleed

20 dollar nosebleed

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Anonymous said:no promos? no "check out my music"? no bullshit? u needa take the wig off look in the mirror and realize u aint no celebrity

You were gonna send some music and that hurt you or were you just wanting me to promote you and realized I won’t? YOU gotta realize that I’m not a record label, I’m saving your time for something I won’t listen to and that this isn’t myspace with a promo 4 promo. This is MY tumblr, it’s only gonna feature about what I want. Use your own tumblr for all that. Celebrity or not, I just don’t care about it. No one likes spam.

at the club, I shake my ass
Amy Winehouse Karaoke

cause we love amy winehouse…

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